** Member of London Salon **

31st January 2017
I am extremely proud and honoured to make it known that I am now a member of the London Salon of Photography! I received an invitation totally out of the blue just before Christmas, and I have been thrilled to accept. Exhibition photography has been my passion for several years now, and this gives me a unique opportunity to contribute towards the London Salon and its annual exhibition.

For anyone who does not know, the London Salon of Photography is a unique body of photographers, with a worldwide membership of just 46 photographers, whose sole aim is to exhibit, annually, the very best of pictorial photographic imagery.
Membership of the Salon is by invitation only and the roots of this organisation go back to the year 1893 when it was formed as "The Linked Ring", becoming the London Salon in 1910 when the first London Salon Exhibition was held.
The Linked Ring members were heavily involved with a breakaway organisation from the Royal Photographic Society being concerned to "encourage that class of photographic work where there is distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution". That has been the continuing purpose of The London Salon ever since.

For the last 5 years I have been successful in having prints accepted into the London Salon annual exhibition - now I will have the right, as a full member, to submit 2 prints that will be automatically exhibited. The pressure still remains on me, to produce work that I deem worthy of the Salon's standards and aims!

Member of the London Salon