** International Success **

03rd June 2016
I have been very fortunate to add more medals in the last couple of weeks - I was awarded a FIAP Gold Medal in the Great Britain Small Print Circuit for a mono print entitled "The Widow," and the following week a Silver Medal for "Elegant Beauty" in D'Almenara Salon in Spain. Another FIAP Gold Medal was awarded for "My Grandfather's Chair" in the Doube Half Salon in India!

To cap it all, I managed to get both Gold and Silver Medals in the UK National Cotswold Monochrome Print Salon with "In the Hood" and "Fredau in Natural Light" respectively. This is the 3rd time I have managed to get both Gold and Silver in National Salons - and all 3 times it has been for mono prints!

I have also been awarded a FIAP Gold Medal for 'Dark Statue' in the Inter Photo Salon in Czech Republic! My 3rd FIAP Gold Medal in as many weeks!

"In the Hood" - Gold Medal in the Cotswold Monochrome Print Salon

"Fredau in Natural Light" - Silver Medal in Cotswold Monochrome Print Salon

"My Grandfather's Chair" - FIAP Gold Medal in Double Half Salon, India

"Elegant Beauty" - Silver Medal in D'Almenara Salon, Spain

"The Widow" - FIAP Gold Medal in GB Small Print Circuit