** EFIAP Bronze and ABPE Distinctions **

28th May 2015
It has often been joked that I have more letters after my name, than I have in my name! My journey up the Distinctions ladder has seen 2 new Distinctions this week - the EFIAP Bronze, and the ABPE (Associate of British Photographic Exhibitions). So thankfully it is just a change of letters, without the need to add new ones this time!

I am the first photographer from N.Ireland to achieve EFIAP/Bronze - an Award for 75 acceptances in International Exhibitions with at least 25 different images (all of which have to be completely new images since I was awarded the EFIAP last year) - and at least 3 separate images that have been awarded in different Countries. The rules going forward have changed massively if I choose to apply for EFIAP/Silver and Gold etc - I will need 700 acceptances with at least 200 different images!! And for anyone coming behind me, to apply for the EFIAP/Bronze next year will require 400 acceptances with at least 100 different images - so I suspect it will be a couple of years before we see another EFIAP/Bronze awarded in N.Ireland.

The ABPE is awarded for 400 acceptances in British National Exhibitions, and must include at least 20 awards with at least 10 different images. The ABPE has only been achieved by 27 photographers to date, and my final target is to obtain the Fellowship of the BPE - at which stage I may well start to wind down my competitive instincts! I hope to obtain the Fellowship of the BPE (FBPE) by Spring 2016.


Some of the award winning images included in my EFIAP/B and ABPE Distinctions: