** 5 Medals in 5 Different Countries **

14th July 2014
I have been quiet on the International Exhibition front this Year, as I was waiting on the EFIAP Certificate which arrived in June 2014. In order to move up to EFIAP/Bronze, I have to use completely new photographs, AND I have to win Awards in International Competition.
So from June onwards, I started entering FIAP Salons again, and now the results are starting to come in thick and fast. I am happy to say that I have very quickly managed to pick up 5 Medals in 5 Different Countries, as well as 7 other Awards.

Body Sox was awarded a FIAP Gold Medal in The Pathshala International Salon, India, and a PSA Bronze Medal in F2 Sociedad, Argentina.

Chainmail Beauty was awarded a Salon Bronze Medal in FotoArt Salon, Bosnia

Orange Shawl was awarded a PSA Gold Medal and 'Le Catalan Trophy,' in Le Catalan International, France

Supple Beauty was awarded a Salon Bronze Medal in The Beauty of Face & Body International Salon in Serbia